Anywhere, anytime for just £9 a month.


Monthly subscription

To suit all different levels, ages & abilities!

You will get access to my private group with HUNDREDS of workout videos to choose from. I cater for all different people, so you will be able find something in the group to suit not only your preference, but your ability as well.

Some highlights of the group include: 

  • FREE cancellation + NO contract

  • Weekly timetable of lives to keep you on track

  • All live workouts are posted so you can catch-up on them if the live time does not suit you 

  • Various training types to suit a wide preference and your mood that day, plus - the mix keeps it enjoyable!

  • SO much guidance to safely workout from home along with seasonal bootcamps / challenges! 

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What if I need to cancel?

You can contact me to cancel your membership at any time! 
I request a 1 MONTH NOTICE policy, your membership can be cancelled immediately or before your next billing date, you will be kept in the group until the day before your cut off date, you will then be removed from the private group.

Do you have to watch every workout live?

NO! - This is the beauty of the group, after each live, the workout is posted in the group, it is titled with a description and put into a category so it's easy for you to find. 
The workouts are kept in the group forever!
This way, you can do it entirely to suit your personal life schedule.

Do I need equipment?

NO - you do not necessarily need equipment, I have done lots of no equipment workouts. 

But, I do also include various equipment. There is a section in the group with advice on where to buy, what weight etc. 

Lots of people start off with no equipment, then if they decide working out from home is for them, you can slowly start to build your own little home collection!

How do I know if it's for me?

I take pride in diversifying my workouts!
I like everyone to feel comfortable and ensure everyone can find something to suit them to start off with. 
I include lots of different levels, abilities, impacts, ages and lots more!

Can I have any 1-2-1 help?

I encourage members to comment on the videos with any questions they may have from that session, as I am always happy to offer advice. 
Or you can message me directly for more personal help!