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Booty Band & Carry Bag

Booty Band

- Resistance Band

- Light Pink 

- Super Thick

- Non-slip 


- New Stock is available in two different sizes:

Small, Medium 

- Available in two different resistances: 

Medium Resistance, Heavy Resistance


- Last Season Stock available in size Large

- This size only comes in heavy resistance strength

  • Delivery/Collection

    Home Delivery is £2.99

    Collection from Ultimate Fitness Centre Cardiff is FREE. 

  • Returns

    This product is non-returnable, however - I want to ensure everyone is satisifed and has the right product for them. If anyone has any problems, feel free to contact my directly via email (found on the website). 

  • Size Guide

    Unsure which size to get? 

    • The sizes are for different sized legs, after all - we are all different shapes, so you want to get the band that suits you best! 
    • The sizing below is recommended in trouser size:

    - The size Small can fit approximately UK 4 - 12! 

    - The size Medium can fit approximately UK 10+! 

    - The size Large is from my pervious collection and can fit approximately UK 18+!

    • The sizing you choose also goes off your current activity levels and how often you train the legs / glutes; as you will find the stronger those muscles become and the more used to the exercises you get, you may want to switch to a smaller size with a tougher resistance to take it up a notch. 


    • TIP: I recommend having a variation of size / resistance strength as a good option to switch it up depending which workout you are doing! 

    - If you want TWO, check out the bundle package to SAVE money. 

  • Resistance Guide

    • Heavy - is a tighter / harder resistance strength. 

    - This can be suitable for more lower impact exercises, for example - strength training and toning. 

    • Medium - is a slightly looser resistance strength. 

    - This can be suitable for more higher impact exercises, for example - Hiit. It can also be suitable for other types of exercises like Pilates, or if your muscles are a bit more and you need a slightly looser resistance . 

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