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Glute Guide

Glute Guide

This plan consists of building muscle in primarily the glute & leg areas, giving you the option to train these areas 2-3 times a week. (You may start off with once a week).


📸 The guide has been carefully designed by myself with brief descriptions and photographs of how to perform each exercise suggested. Exercises in the guide are a mix of both home & gym equipment.

🏡🏋️‍♀️ You can choose to combine the guide with home and gym workouts, or just focus on one - whichever you prefer or have access to! 

✔️Certain exercises also suggest an alternative if you do not have that particular piece of equipment. 


🚨NOTE: This is simply a guide - everyone is different, the weight you use and reps you perform must be suited to you - your current strength and activity levels. ​This guide may be used by beginners, but if you are not used to weight training - starting off with very light weight is recommended for safety purposes and to avoid injury.

If you want to build your weight, this must be done gradually and safely.


‼️  ​It is recommended you ask a health professional / trainer to assist you with some exercises if you are unsure or need help with performing the correct technique.

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