Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Ok, so am I the only one who aches for DAYS on end after a Hamstring workout?

I always make sure I warm up and stretch after my workout's - especially after Hamstring's!!!

BUT, including a hamstring focused workout into your regime does help build the muscle and that booty!

I personally like to mix up my workout's week to week so I don't get bored. So I typically include a hamstring focused workout every other week. Here's a few of my favourite (not) hamstring exercises - to help build muscle in that area and your glutes! -

* REMEMBER! * - Your technique with deadlifts is vital, to ensure you are getting the full benefit from the exercise, as well as avoiding injury - especially in the back area! If you are unsure about your technique - ensure you research / seek assistance before attempting - keep it light to begin with and you can then build up your weight if you wish!!!

* Barbell Deadlifts (of course!) - I don't add too much weight due to the pressure I feel on my lower back from a previous injury, but the weight you add is down to you! I typically use a 15-20kg barbell.

* Dumbbell single leg deadlift combined with a glute kickback

* Dumbbell deadlifts

* Kettlebell deadlift

* Kettlebell deadlift into squat - combined

* Kettlebell swings into deadlift - combined

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